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Dozens of black history articles created or improved at #AfroCROWD Wikipedia editathon in Harlem. You can watch the video here, on Youtube, or Vimeo. Video by Victor Grigas, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

In 1869, an African-American named Edward Augustine Savoy was hired by the US Department of State as a messenger. 63 years later, he retired with the highest rank available to men of his race at that time. Savoy did not have a Wikipedia article until an editor created it at an edit-a-thon in Harlem, New York City early this month aimed at filling some gaps in Wikipedia’s black history articles.

Held at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture , the edit-a-thon aimed to build on last year’s Black Life Matters edit-a-thon and this year’s national Black WikiHistory Month outreach campaign. Several more events will be held in New York in the next month: Black Life Matters at the Longwood Art Gallery on February 27, Art and Feminism at the Museum of Modern Art and Interference Archive, and Middle Eastern/North Africa art at the Guggenheim.

Video by Victor Grigas, Storyteller
Post by Ed Erhart, Editorial Associate
Wikimedia Foundation

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